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"Human progress has always come at a price. There's no sense in whining about it now."

      ~Artemisia Sky, founder of the Skyward Group

You’ve been brought in for a purpose, and that purpose is nothing short of shaping the very future of our world. Deciding the very course of humanity’s future is no small task. Thanks to our efforts and acquisitions however, we alone are capable of rising to the occasion.


The Skyward Group is dedicated to gathering the best and brightest minds and talents in the world – men and women not unlike you - who are preoccupied enough with innovation and success so as to not worry about limiting things like morality and ethics. In research and development, we exist on the fringe.


In and action, we operate at the heart of everything.

Our subsidiary corporations are all public organizations and are spread out in every field of technology and development, all the while working incognito for the higher purposes of the Skyward Group. We have tapped in to everything; weapons development, genetics, biomechanics and chemical manipulation, even alchemy. There is no area of research we won’t tackle, and no endeavor we will not undertake to accomplish our aims.


Limitless funding, boundary free research, complete anonymity and protection, and zero tolerance for traitors.


This, as well as the ability to change the world, is what we offer. 


Welcome to The Skyward Group

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