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“If secrets are your business, helping you keep them is ours.”

- Muhammad Quaseem Director of Securitiy

The world of corporate and international espionage and intelligence has changed drastically in our modern age. Increasingly, more wars are waged in back alleys, market squares and boardrooms than on the traditional battlefields of the past. These are dangerous times, and extra measures must be taken by those in the counter intelligence and asset protection business to ensure what is private and confidential stays that way. Connor Security Solutions is uniquely and unequivocally up to the challenge, whatever it may be, and CSS alone can provide guaranteed effective protection services that are wholly unmatchable.


Some may question our methods, but none can dispute our proven ability in the field. We are indiscriminate, catering to a wide variety of clientele, while at the same time maintaining a policy of absolute privacy. In other words, whoever you are and whatever you need protecting, you can count on us to deliver and to uphold your anonymity at all costs. CSS offers a wide array of services, including but not limited to threat assessment and management, counter intelligence, problem solving and covert clean up teams, and scandal prevention and/or removal. Our assessment officers will work with you to determine your needs and will develop a plan to meet them. 


Our records are encrypted and protected by next-gen quantum algorithms, ensuring that no one but you and your assigned operatives have access.


From now on, when you think safety, think CSS.

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