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"God might create, but we perfect." -Dr. Edward Westhead

How do you help humanity deal with the ravages of age and time? Quite simply, you change humanity. After years of pioneering research and studies in gerontology and genetics, we have forever changed how - and how long - we live. The Enzyme Replication process allows us to target beneficial enzymes in the body that will produce desirable biochemical reactions and duplicate them, creating more of what the body needs to excel and leaving less room for everything else. Our Cell Engineering labs can grow fully functioning organs and organic materials that are immune to age and decay.


We make hearts that never tire, and lungs that never weaken. Who needs corrective lenses when your eyes will never grow dim?


Our latest advancements in Project Purity have finally tapped into the previously theoretical realm of pre-genetics, allowing us to build the perfect humans even before conception occurs. By selecting only wanted genes from both parents and filtering out anything less than desirable, we guarantee that when your child is born you will truly and literally mean it when you say “She’s perfect!”


The Santa Rosa Institute is dedicated to helping you live longer and better without letting little things like death and old age get in your way. Methuselah lived for almost nine hundred and seventy years.


Why shouldn’t you?


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