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“Even if you’ve never heard of it, we have a vaccine for it. Your health is that important to us.” – Dr. Marshal Anderson Founder of Monarch Pharmaceuticals 


The rapid rate at which our world has become populated has led to new and vicious viruses and diseases unlike anything seen before in history, including the bubonic plague. Thankfully, Monarch Pharmaceuticals is up to the challenge. New threats require new answers, and few companies have been as successful as Monarch in developing and discovering new drugs and inoculations that are able to go up against the deadliest viruses Mother Nature has to offer.


Monarch is a board member of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), and is largely responsible for all primary vaccinations carried out across the United States. Our influenza vaccines have proven to be the most effective in the world, as have other compounds we’ve developed to combat everything from Ebola and Rubella to the latest mutation of the H1N3 virus. We haven’t cured the world of disease, but we’re working on it. Recent breakthroughs in experimental biogenetics and stem cell development have allowed us to carry out safer and more effective trials, leading to medication that works without a long list of hazardous – or fatal – side effects.


You want to live your life free of illness, and we want to help you.


You can trust Monarch.

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