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Led by the brilliant and innovative quantum physicist Dr. Kenneth Astor, and with over three hundred facilities dedicated to the research and advancement of weapons technology, the Astor Corporation is the world leader in next generation security and defense. Our recent breakthroughs in genetics modification and cybernetics technology have allowed us to engineer the world’s first biomechanical infiltration operatives (B.I.O.S), who are changing the role humanity plays in armed combat. By engineering soldiers who never get tired and never miss, the Astor Corporation alone has the ability to provide guaranteed security with minimal casualties.


Aside from breakthroughs in what many would still call experimental fields, the Astor Corporation has also revolutionized conventional warfare. Advancements have been made in every field, from more reliable small arms and cost efficient ammunition, to long range ground-to-air and sea-to-air missiles outfitted with the latest in weaponized periodic elements. If it’s a weapon, the Astor Corporation has made it better. If it’s not a weapon, we’re working on that.  


Whether you are an independent corporation looking to protect your assets, or a country determined to protect its borders, we’ve got you covered. As the largest, most proven defense contractor in the world, the name Astor is synonymous with security.

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